Ozark Trail One Person Backpacking Tent

Today we’re going to take a look at a budget tent which is the Ozark Trail One person backpacking tent. Alright so in my quest to find some less expensive gear for backpacking for your bug out bag just for everyday use I ran across this a couple months ago from from a variety of different dealers and online vendors. Here we are going to set it up outside -so don’t worry about that but this little lightweight backpacking tent has a two pole design super easy to set up, it weighs three pounds and I have changed out the stakes and some of it for the aluminum stakes so mine came in about 2.7.  That’s not including these- okay just the thing itself so maybe that’s what they’re including when they do the whole weight stuff sack dimensions.

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  • Tent is Lightweight
  • Low Cost
  • For The Most Part Water Proof In Light Conditions
  • East To Set Up

I wish they’d given me a little bit of a smaller stuff sack as you can see this is how I’ve kind of addressed the issue it’s 22 inches by 4 inches by 4 -however when this tent just folded up it’s really small and you can get it down to a smaller size and that’s not even squeezing it.  That’s just how it came out so what I did was I pulled this down and I put a couple of these tiny little small bungees on here,  but you can see this is all kind of wasted space so eventually what I’m probably going to do is get a smaller stuff sack for this lives on top of the bag that I’m building. (excerpt and this review taken from the above youtube)

That’s going to be a budget backpacking pack the main purpose of that pack is so that you can go out and go up into the mountains, go out to the woods- here what little woods there are of in Nevada and do product reviews and take the backpack along with me. I kind of get used to carrying it as well as show you some items that you could use in your backpack or your bug out bag or for hiking or whatever. It won’t break the bank all right it’s kind of hard to believe that that tiny little pack I had sealed up in there actually stretches out to this big thing.  This is a very long tent this is your entrance here and it tapers down to the end there.

How you set this up basically is you’re going to stake the corners and in the back and then you’re going to put in you’re going to put in your your poles.  Then you’re going to stake the corners, next you’re going to take the little extenders here they come out and stake it into the ground on either side.  So we’re going to go ahead and do that and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s set up.  All right so there you go all set up took me about six minutes or so.

I had to move some stuff around. It was a really easy simple set up the palm it wasn’t really difficult at all.  The only bummer that I’ve noticed about this tent. It doesn’t have water tub kind of base into it of plastic. It’s the same material that’s on the top now.  I have sprayed this whole thing and water proof it!  We’re going to give you a quick walk around what gets me is how long this thing is and what I like about it is I can fit myself in there, plus my backpack, plus my gear, plus everything so nothing’s left out in the elements. there’s the tapered end around here and the front I’m going to take this off and we give you a look on the inside. So this is the inside here we go you can see I probably could uphold it a little tighter but I’m just setting this up to show my guard because I have a little bit of sinking there. Probably could see so I pulled it a little tighter it probably would have been more even and that’s just a matter of staking this into the ground better.

You have a door here that’s got the mesh cover for when it’s warm and the complete you know tent material but when you want to seal it up and have some privacy. All in all for the little money you can’t really go wrong. I would not recommend this for extreme wet weather I’d be concerned that the wind would blow and touch gear inside and  start dripping. I have heavily waterproofed it, sprayed it down a few times, now I haven’t sealed the seams yet I don’t really see any the seams we can’t see the stitching along here. Eventually I’ll probably do that I’ve used this once before on a ham radio field Day weekend and it worked really well for me that’s why it doesn’t look too beat up.

So I’ve had this for quite awhile- if you need a emergency tent this sure is a heck better than one of those plastic emergency tents that you string up with a string. So that’s it that is the ozark trail one person backpacking tent and as I said I could have pulled it a little tighter it’s kind of sagging in the middle there and on the sides, but all in all you get a good look of what it looks like.  it’s easily got to be 7 feet long so that’s about it, I hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to click like and subscribe and thanks for watching.

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