Best One Man Tent For Backpacking

10 Best One Man Tent For Backpacking of 2017

Let’s get started with a list of one man tent for backpacking- starting off our list at number 10 is the County Salida. It offers a good amount of features at an affordable price. It’s a breeze to set up and take down plus the lightweight folding poles make it very backpack friendly.  It lacks fly venting though which may be a deal-breaker for some however it comes with fully taped seams and color coded attachment points. However the included stakes aren’t very durable, which again is something you may have to upgrade.

At number 9 the highly rated Big Agnes Fly Creek– is the ideal choice if you don’t have a lot of space in your pack. It has a DAC Featherlite NSL plus NFL pole system for the lightweight hub that make it bounce a bit.  The overall build is not meant for hardcore expeditions -it includes integrated gear lost loops and a single pole design for a quick setup but the fly zippers gets jammed at times.

Coming in at number 8 on our list is the Wolf Outdoor. If solo hiking, cycling, or camping is your thing don’t leave home without it. the Wolf has super strong aluminum alloy rods and is made from a waterproof yet breathable polyester that makes it suitable for year-round use.  It’s highly tear resistant and comes with a storage bag however it is heavier than many other options.

At number 7 enjoy maximum comfort on your next camping excursion with the Archer Outdoor Gear Ultralight. This compact but spacious option features a durable 190 t polyester outer shell and a double layer ripped off waterproof nylon bottom. That belong proof trip after trip it’s bright orange color is easy to spot and it provides plenty of privacy it’s great quality at an affordable price.

6-1 Best One Man Tent for Backpacking on a Budget For 2017

Moving up our list to number 6 the Eureka Midori Solo has a large door that makes it easy to climb into quickly when needing shelter from the Sun or rain. it’s durable polyester rain fly adds extra protection from UV rays inclement weather and strong winds if needed it packs up to a very compact size and resists condensation buildup it comes with multiple storage pockets

Halfway of our list at number 5.  If you love adventure during the summer look no further than the ounce Mountaineering Zephyr the fly attaches securely with buckles instead of elastic cords and the large interior offers enough Headroom for you to sit up comfortably without feeling confined it teaches extremely durable zippers guy ropes and a handy storage vestibule

At number 4 the wind gharial arsenal divvy offers a stylish and functional design for any season the mesh roof keeps you cool during hot summer nights and the rain fly helps to block out wind and rain when unexpected weather comes your way it’s equipped with 14 high-quality snakes and waterproof seams it’s available in four colors.

Nearing the top of our list at number 3 trust the Teton Sports mountain ultra. In order to keep condensation build up to a minimum thanks to its ultra micro mesh construction it also does a great job of keeping bugs out and offers a complete 360 degree view of your surroundings. it features a fully waterproof fog bra and front and rear entry doors as well as it stuffs easily into the carrying bag.

At number two the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 makes a great option fee also though get away without costing a fortune this freestanding design sets up in us now thanks to its user-friendly clip system and the vestibule provides great storage space for all your gear it boasts a floor material that doesn’t absorb water 1/2 mesh walls for stargazing and large slippers for craft use and

Coming in at number 1 on our list the versatile Kodiak Canvas Swag provides a roomy sleeping space that can be used on the ground in the bed of a pickup or with a compatible cot it can back up in a cinch bar simply rolling everything up together so you can be on your way without a hitch in the morning it features two zip open windows for ventilation a tarp that converts into a screen shelter and a built in foam mattress pad! Well there you have it folks a quick review of some of the best one man tents for backpacking.

Backpacking Tent Buying Advice​​​

An ideal best one man backpacking tent is lightweight, packs down small, and is tough enough to handle inclement weather. The good news is that tent technology has come a long way even over the past few years, and weights are dropping as thinner yet strong fabrics and lighter poles are employed. Below are our picks for the best backpacking tents of 2017—all are 2-person, double-wall designs with tent poles, which means that we have not included ultralight shelters or tarps. Also, note that many of the tents that made our list are offered in 1, 3, and 4-person versions. For more background information, see our tent comparison table and buying advice below the picks. To complete your kit, we’ve also tested and written about backpacking packs and sleeping bags.


 Camping tent Weight and also Kind

In several methods, the weight of a backpacking outdoor tents is its defining attribute. You could obtain down to around 2 pounds without moving into tarpaulin or sanctuary area, however as weight decreases, there are compromises in area and sturdiness. Discovering the right equilibrium of weight, performance, and also convenience was just one of our main considerations when creating this checklist, as well as below are the categories we created in doing so. For a complete breakdown on this topic, see our comprehensive backpacking tent weight contrast graph.

Ultralight (3-Season) Outdoors tents

There typically aren’t unalterable guidelines of what defines an “ultralight” or “lightweight” camping tent, but from our experience, around 3 extra pounds and under for a 2-person arrangement is where you begin seeing substantial shifts in layout. These ultralight alternatives press the limitations on resilience for the full-blown goal of cutting weight anywhere reasonably possible. You’ll see slim materials and camping tent poles, much less indoor room, a smaller sized packed size, and also raised cost. Ultralight camping tents are ideal for major, ounce-counting backpackers that take great treatment of their equipment.

For the objectives of this article, every one of our camping tent picks have posts and also are of the double-wall variety (or hybrid solitary and also dual wall surface in the case of the Sierra Styles Lightning FL 2). There is, nevertheless, a whole other globe of backpacking shelters and hiking post sustained tarps that make our ultralight designs look downright heavy (some consider just 7 ounces not consisting of trekking poles). Normally produced by little, cottage brand names like ZPacks, 6 Moon Styles as well as Hill Laurel Styles, they could be remarkable for dedicated minimalists and thru walkers however need a higher degree of knowledge in getting a correct pitch. We want to have a complete post on ultralight shelters up in the future.

Weight is a relocating target in the camping tent market– continually trending downward– as well as lightweight 2-person tents currently range from 3 to 5 pounds. Compared to the ultralight options, light-weight outdoors tents have thicker fabrics (hence greater tear resistance), much more interior room, and commonly higher wind and damp weather condition protection. A correctly developed lightweight camping tent must be well aerated and comfy in summer weather, yet capable enough to manage all yet the worst 3-season conditions: wind, rainfall and also some light snow. Due to these vital characteristics, lightweight camping tents are exactly what we recommended most ( including our top pick the MSR Hubba Hubba NX).

4-Season Outdoors tents

Most of backpackers go out in the summertime, but a small subgroup endeavor out in the shoulder periods as well as wintertime. For these folks a 4-season tent is best, which totals up to either a beefed up backpacking outdoor tents (like the Hilleberg Nallo or Nemo Kunai) or mountaineering camping tent (like the The North Face Hill 25). In rough problems the tougher pole design and framework are crucial. We’ve made use of these tents in remote locations like Norway and also Nepal and have actually been surprised with their abilities to sustain heavy winds and rain. But there’s a reason we don’t cover them extensively on this list: the absence of mesh as well as boosted weight are bad for warm climate trips.

Toughness (Denier).

In regards to tent longevity, you’ll typically see producers list the “denier” rating of their textiles, which is a measurement of the fabric yarn’s weight. While there vary such as top quality and building type, a reduced denier generally suggests a thinner and less resilient fabric. Most outdoors tents provide the denier of the tent flooring, cover, and rainfall fly. The location most prone to leaks or splits is the flooring, so we have provided that number for each tent in the specifications and comparison table over.

Practically, denier lines up with the total weight of the outdoor tents: Nemo’s 2-pound Hornet has a really thin 15D flooring, while the durable 4.5-pound REI Half Dome is 70D. Ultralight gear definitely calls for an extra degree of care– we highly suggest using a footprint with all light-weight outdoors tents as well as checking your campsite for sharp sticks or rocks– but it’s a sacrifice numerous want to approve to minimize their pack weight. We favor a tent that stabilizes weight and durability, which is one of the reasons that the MSR Hubba Hubba NX (as well as its 30D flooring) obtains our leading spot


This article covers 2-person backpacking models, and a glance at our leading picks over shows our clear choice for camping tents with 2 doors. These designs are much more convenient for entering and from the outdoor tents, and most consist of a vestibule beyond each door for additional storage area. Not all 1-door layouts should be treated similarly, nonetheless. A solitary door at the head end of the camping tent, like what you obtain with the Big Agnes Fly Creek as well as Hilleberg Nallo, is less complicated to accessibility than 1 side door, which needs creeping over your outdoor tents friend to obtain outdoors (not an enjoyable thing to do in the middle of the evening). On the other hand, a 2-door design makes life around camp that a lot less complicated, and also in the cases of the Nemo Hornet as well as Big Agnes Copper Spur, has little effect on complete weight.

Size: Floor Location as well as Height Height.

In analyzing out just how roomy a given tent is, there are a pair important specs to search for. First are the floor dimensions (L x W), or floor area (noted in square feet), as well as we note the last in our table above. The numbers vary from a snug 27 square feet in the Nemo Kunai to the spacious 33 square foot Marmot Limelight. This number will offer you a general idea of indoor room for contrasting camping tents and whether or not you will be able to fit 2 large or lengthy sleeping pads side-by-side. The 2nd specification is the peak height of the tent, the tallest factor of the inside.

Both measurements are essential in identifying the indoor comfort of a tent, however they do not tell the entire tale. For one, the flooring area is based off of dimensions taken right at floor degree. Depending on the slope of the walls, the real functional space inside may be substantially various. Extra, the optimal elevation just is taken at the highest factor in the tent and also doesn’t account for what does it cost? of the ceiling is that high. The bright side is that the current trend in camping tent style is toward vertical walls as well as big, open areas overhead, so even ultralight outdoors tents are coming to be a lot more livable (including the lately updated Big Agnes Copper Stimulate HV). We think inspecting these specifications are still crucial, yet ensure to look at the outdoor tents shape to obtain a smart idea of the actual space inside.

Lastly, watch on the form of the tent as well as whether or not it slopes towards one end. As an example, the Nemo Hornet slopes greatly toward the feet end of the tent as well as for that reason you could just stay up in one area (and can’t rest two in contrary instructions). But the Nemo Dagger is much roomier with a dome shape that corresponds on both ends of the outdoor tents. The Blade weighs significantly greater than the Hornet, yet the latter sacrifices livable area in a large method. Just what you focus on is up to you.


A healthy percentage of people rise to the mountains a couple of weekend breaks a year during the summertime months, as well as experience moderate problems in regards to temperature level, wind as well as precipitation. If you fall under this category, all on our list should execute admirably. We once oversleeped an older version of the REI Half Dome for 6 consecutive weeks in Patagonia with just a few uneasy evenings during big tornados. That being claimed, succeeding journeys in a Hilleberg did make us appreciate the quality and also bombproof feeling you get in a high-end tent.

Intended Usage: Major vs. Casual Backpacking

Ask yourself these rather basic inquiries: Just how usually do you plan on obtaining out backpacking? Where are you headed? Do you intend on covering a whole lot of miles every day? If the answers are, “a lot” as well as “all over,” it could be worth buying a costly tent. As we have actually touched on in the areas over, spending more returns concrete benefits. Path weight and jam-packed dimension drops, and also better materials as well as pole styles stand better to foul climate.

Generally, a lot of laid-back backpackers are happiest with a large, tested design and also typically aren’t stressed with trimming every feasible ounce. It’s even more concerning being comfy and also remaining on a budget. These factors to consider are what make the $159 REI Co-op Flow 2 as well as $140 Kelty Grand Mesa 2 such popular choices: they’re very easy to establish up, are made with fabrics that are thick enough for bringing kids or dogs, and also offer possibly 3 quarters the performance of a pricey version at half the rate. If the weather condition isn’t getting horrible and the 1-2 extra pounds do not matter much to you, a light-weight tent is a great alternative.

Outdoor tents Poles and also Stakes

You’re obtaining to the nitty abrasive with outdoor tents pole and stake study, yet there are some crucial details to cover. Concerning tent poles, almost every top quality backpacking outdoor tents makes use of light weight aluminum posts (the carbon fiber MSR Carbon Reflex is one noteworthy exemption). The material is fairly inexpensive, light-weight, and will certainly flex a fair bit before stopping working. Call brand name poles like Easton or DAC are simpler to rely on, however that’s not to say there aren’t some high quality common light weight aluminum posts provided. Hubbed pole styles are growing in appeal for their strength– a single pole device holds the tent with each other tautly– and also as an outcome are discovered on a variety of our favored tents.

Regardless of the tent design or maker, risks are an indispensable part of setting up an outdoor tents. A lot of 2-person outdoors tents will include 6: one for each and every edge and one for each and every side of the vestibule. That’s all great as well as helpful for configuration for light conditions, however it wants for bad weather when you wish to utilize guylines. Therefore, you may wish to purchase some added risks, and it could be worth replacing your stock ones as well. Less costly hook-style aluminum stakes have the majority of outdoors tents and also could be a discomfort to utilize due to the fact that they’re as well thick and also rounded to easily penetrate the ground, as well as have a tendency to flex when being hammered in. Fortunately, updating isn’t really really expensive. We really like the MSR Groundhogs: they are light, tough as well as simple to place in the ground. As well as the DAC risks that come with the Hilleberg Niak are the best we have actually utilized.

What Does Freestanding Mean?

The term freestanding methods that by attaching posts to the tent body, it has a strong structure as well as could stand entirely by itself. Non-freestanding or semi-freestanding camping tents need to be surveyed in some (or all) of the edges to create a stiff frame. The benefit of a freestanding camping tent is an easy arrangement that is much easier to removal from one location of your camping site to one more. Because of this, most conventional tents on the market are freestanding. Non-freestanding outdoors tents call for less pole areas, which reduces weight, and are a popular selection for backcountry enthusiasts that are well versed in selecting an excellent campsite and setting up an outdoor tents..

Impacts and also Tent Treatment.

An impact could seem like a very easy thing to leave behind on a backpacking trip, yet count on us, it is well worth the additional ounces. The additional layer shields the tent flooring, and it’s a lot much easier to purchase as well as lug a $40 impact compared to replace a damaged $400 tent.

You’ll often find impacts especially designed for your camping tent, precut to the correct dimensions, and also the grommets will affix to the outdoor tents poles directly. It’s an incorporated system that you don’t need to bother with, and if your outdoor tents has a fast-pitch option, you could make use of simply an impact, rainfly and outdoor tents poles to establish up an ultralight sanctuary. Expense is the main factor to look elsewhere.

A preferred selection for making a common ground cloth is to pick up bulk Tyvek from an equipment shop. This relatively slim and packable product economicals and also provides sufficient water-proof security. Or you could acquire an emergency situation blanket, like the Room All-Weather Covering, as well as cut it to fit. Location the silver side up, as well as you obtain the added benefit of your warm showing back up to you. No matter what path you pick, utilizing a footprint is the simplest method to prolong the life of your outdoor tents. So hopefully you enjoyed this article about the best one man tent for backpacking please come back to our blog frequently.




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